Publicity Position still open!

If you love conventions and being on social media, then you might be interested in doing Publicity for the Cosplay Repair Station!  We’re still looking for a Publicity person, so if you’re interested please contact us by January 30th.


Still looking for staff for SakuraCon!

Hey everyone!  We’re still looking for staff for SakuraCon!  This is our oldest and biggest Repair Station, and staffing it is a great crash-course in cosplay repair!  Let us know if you’re interested~

Upcoming Events!

Hey everyone!  Be sure to check out our upcoming events on the new Events page.  Everyone who wants to work for the Repair Station during the 2016 convention season will need to attend both the Introductory Meeting and the Customer Service Training.

As a reminder, staff apps are still open!  If you’re interested, be sure to email, subject line “Staff apps 2016.”  Thanks!

Cosplay Repair Station Applications are OPEN!

Hello everyone!

As of today (11/23), we are now accepting applications for Cosplay Repair Station staff members!

The Cosplay Repair Station is a volunteer, non-profit service which provides costuming expertise and supplies for cosplayers! All staff members of the Cosplay Repair Station receive convention Exhibitor/Staff badges to facilitate their assistance to all convention-goers.

Please read all of the following information before submitting your application:

The Cosplay Repair Station is planned to be at the following conventions:

Please specify which conventions you are interested in volunteering for (you can do more than one)!

Once you submit your application, the process is as follows:

1.     At the end of the application period, we will send you a survey which asks a few simple questions. Complete and return the survey so we can read your responses!

2.    You will then be invited to an introductory “meet & greet” with the core repair station staff and other candidates!

3.    Finally, attend a “staff training” session to go over the basics of Repair Station processes, etiquette, and skills.

Candidates who complete the above three steps will become Cosplay Repair Station Staff Members for the 2016 convention season!

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to, with the subject line “Staff Application 2016”. We look forward to working with you!