CONventional Comic


Sakura Con 2017 brought a surprising little thing for us! As the Cosplay Repair Station, we strive to fix up costumes, but we also promote all aspect of cosplay whether it be of construction, safety, and knowledge. Most of all, we want to support cosplayers and their cosplay and what better way than through this little gem that was sent our way!

Please check out Jackie Lo’s CONventional Comic on Cosplay Etiquette!

Jackie Lo’s CONventional comic preview

It’s an adorable short comic that gives tips on cosplay construction and being in the convention space while cosplaying and approaching cosplayers!

While at it, please support the artist!

We will be handing out copies of these comics at our upcoming duo conventions: EverFreeNW and Bellingham Anime Convention so find a copy there!

See you at Con!


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