ECCC 2016: Hours & Rules

This is our 2nd year at Emerald City Comicon and we will be at a different location and sponsored by Espionage Cosmetic. Please be aware that we will be enforcing our rules for this convention due to space limitations without giving up our quick and efficient services.

SakuraCon RM

We are FREE repair, though donation is welcomed. Our staff will be wearing aprons and will assist you in any repair you may need.

We would like to remind con attendees of our Repair Station (RS) rules:

  1. Repair only—no construction
  2. Active repairs only—people not actively repairing costumes will be asked to leave
  3. CHANGES! We will not be styling wigs at this conventions
  4. Only staff can change sewing machine settings (changing needle, thread, etc.)
  5. Attendees may use hot glue unsupervised—all other glues require staff supervision
  6. Supplies may not leave the RS unless the attendee leaves something at the RS as collateral—phone or camera are best
  7. Items may not be left in the RS “waiting to be repaired”—attendees must be with their items at all times
  8. Any item left in the RS by the end of the day will be brought to Lost & Found


Our hours for Emerald City Comicon:

Thurs: 2pm – 6pm
Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 7pm
Sun: 10am – 3pm

We will be in Room 308 in the Cospitality Zone. Check out our inventory list!


A new edition to our Repair Station are buttons, first introduced this year at Sakura-Con! After you get your cosplay fixed back up, be sure to get a Repaired button.

ALSO! Ben Lucas from NOM Creative, will be on the con floor passing out buttons and maybe some other goodies! See if you can catch him (look for Handsome Jack) and get your picture on our Twitter/Instagram/Facebook! He’s a professional photographer, so you won’t want to miss him!



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